Books, e-learning and cool ethereum payments for 2017

Ethereum payments and Bitcoin are growing in value and usage by small businesses. There are hundreds of US companies accepting ethereum and Bitcoin today.  Our e-learning site, Vidjaa has built an alternative payment path not based on fiat currencies or credit cards in 2017 for our products and services. We hope to model this for other small businesses.

SmallBusinessMarketingTechnology (SBMT) is a website for anyone that wants to wants to use Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy products and services. MBA students at leading universities should check us out. SBMT does not accept conventional payments for our products and services. Our book prices are the lowest on the interwebs because we do not have the credit card processing fee overhead.

Vidjaa is a leading provider of digital marketing e-learning to small companies. Vidjaa’s network includes SBMT and E-commerce Product Reviews.com. Through the Vidjaa network, we also offer digital marketing books, consulting, and other resources. You can buy our products with your ethereum or bitcoins here. Or get them from Amazon for your Kindle reader or app the old fashioned way.

How does Small Business Marketing Technology.com accept Ethereum for book purchases? We use the CoinPayment platform to accept cryptocurrencies. CoinPayment is a leading platform for merchants and offers plugins for many e-commerce applications. Funded by Union Square Ventures, we like what they are doing with ethereum. Plus Fred Wilson of USV runs a great blog. If your small business would to get learn more about CoinPayments, click here.

Woocomerce is our e-commerce tool which is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. The rest of marketing technology stack includes MailChimp, Zapier, Google Docs, and several image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Canva. This is a WordPress site hosted on an Amazon Web Services (AWS)  EC2 instance and uses S3 buckets for storage. We use several plugins for manage security, backups, and the contact forms. 

We are focused on making our marketing technology stack support and grow the business. We started in 2011 and are based in Richmond, Virginia.  

Our Books

Digital Marketing Checklist

Digital Marketing Checklist book buy now with ethereum payments

Digital Marketing Technology Stack: 25 tools to get you started in digital marketing

Digital Marketing Technology Stack book buy now with ethereum payments

E-learning for small business

Vidjaa digital marketing e-learning for small business now takes ethereum payments

ethereum payments on coinbase